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New Book Launched on West Africa, Climate Change, and Agriculture

Today in Niamey, Niger, representatives of CORAF/WECARD, CCAFS, and IFPRI publicly launched the new book, West African Agriculture and Climate Change, as part of the workshop that CORAF was putting on for national experts. The book is designed to help policymakers understand the likely impacts of climate change on agriculture over the next 40 years, and to give them advice on the types of policies that could be implemented that would best help farmers adapt to the changes.

Photo of workshop organizers
Chapter authors and book editors that were on hand for the launch in Niamey (from left): Abdulai Jalloh (CORAF; book editor and co-author to many chapters); Robert Zougmoré (CCAFS; book editor and co-author to many chapters); Léopold Somé (Burkina Faso chapter); Delali Kofi Nutsukpo (Ghana chapter); Sidafa Condé (Guinea chapter); Harold Roy-Macauley (CORAF; book editor and co-author of regional chapters); Shuaib M. Hassan (Nigeria chapter); Paco Sérémé (regional chapters); Tim Thomas (IFRPI; book editor and co-author to many chapters).

The book uses two types of models. The first type is crop models that were used to evaluate yields under climate models developed by the IPCC, to compare to yields under the current climate, but holding technology (seed varieties and fertilizer levels) constant. The second is type of model is a global partial equilibrium model of food and agriculture. This model allowed for technological change, but controlled for climate change impacts, while also using population and GDP projections for the future.

Members of the West African press were on hand to ask questions of the book authors, including questions concerning the technical details. Copies of the book were presented as a gift to the delegations attending the workshop.

Links for those interested in the book: