I am a research fellow at the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI).  I have a Ph.D. in agricultural economics from the University of Maryland College Park.  Most of my professional work has involved using econometrics, GIS, and modeling to think about food and agricultural issues in developing countries, or analyzing problems related to land use change and deforestation.  My work at IFPRI has focused on climate change and agriculture.

My objective for this blog is to post helpful ideas and programs for practitioners in various fields, including research into climate change and agriculture, econometrics (including spatial econometrics), GIS (including ArcGIS and GRASS), and programming (Python, ArcPy, R, MatLab, and Stata).

I should make clear that this blog, while reflecting much of what I do at work, includes many incomplete ideas and perhaps some that are just plain wrong.  Nonetheless, I try not to promulgate errors here.  IFPRI does not endorse this work, nor is it responsible for any of my errors here.

IFPRI publishes great research on food, agriculture, and nutrition policy in developing countries. Our goal is to end malnutrion and hunger. Our website is www.ifpri.org.

To contact me, email me at either t.s.thomas@cgiar.org or dr.tim.thomas@gmail.com.

For any of the materials on my older website, including my disseratation and MatLab programs, try OLDER MATERIAL.

I also have a personal blog that I use to write about matters related to faith. You can have a look if you like, at www.WowGod.org.

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